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Uncovering Your Dazzling Smile

Have you been looking into cosmetic dentistry in Plano? You’ve come to the right place! Our cosmetic dentists are not only health- and wellness-focused, they also believe that every smile deserves to look as good as it feels. Plus, this family of dentists is skilled in both the artistic and the scientific aspects of cosmetic dental care. That means that they are not only technically skilled, but they also have an artistic eye so you can be sure that your cosmetic work will look beautifully natural. 

Why Choose Aduddell Dentistry for Your Cosmetic Procedures

There are so many reasons patients choose us for their cosmetic care: 

  • Some folks choose Aduddell cosmetic dentistry in Plano because they have experienced our quality and integrity through other dental procedures, such as restorative or preventive dentistry, and know they can trust us to improve their smiles aesthetically as well
  • Some of our friends trust us to cosmetically improve their smiles because we will never perform dentistry on them that we wouldn’t perform on ourselves
  • Still, others have seen the Plano cosmetic dentistry we’ve performed on their neighbors and want to experience the transformative power of Aduddell cosmetic care for themselves. 

But what most of our patients rave about is the fact that Drs. Patrick and Kevin Aduddell are backed by more than 30 years of experience. They have received advanced training in Invisalign, cosmetic crowns, and smile design, giving them the skills necessary to treat almost any case.

More Than Just Appearances

The truth is, many of our Plano, TX dental patients investigate cosmetic dental treatments in Plano for more than just better-looking smiles. They know that having a smile they can feel good about sharing helps them have a better outlook on life! We see many patients’ personalities blossom because they are more confident in their smiles. That’s because smiling is good for you – mind, body, and spirit. 

Your Complimentary Smile Consultation

That’s right. We don’t simply tell you that we can help you with your discolored, cracked, or crooked teeth – we SHOW you! What’s more, we take lots of time with you making sure we completely understand you and your smile goals. We’ll talk about what you like and what you don’t like about your smile, take photographs and digital impressions, and develop a plan for your treatment. During the plan development, we make sure to educate you on all your options, presenting their strengths, limitations, and costs, so you can feel completely in charge of what we are doing and your outcome. 

Stop simply surviving your smile and start living life to the fullest with cosmetic dental care in Plano from Aduddell Dentistry.

Porcelain Veneers

What do you see when you look in the mirror at your smile? Are your teeth ground down, short, uneven, discolored, thin, weak, broken, gapped, crooked, or irregular? We understand how that feels – it’s why Aduddell Dentistry offers one of cosmetic dentistry in Plano’s most powerful smile-transformation tools: cosmetic porcelain veneers.  Porcelain veneers can lengthen, support, and cover almost any issue you can imagine. How does it work?  Each custom-created dental veneer is made to perfectly cover the surface of your tooth, creating a brand new appearance. Plus, they strengthen and repair while they beautify!  That’s why full porcelain veneers can be used to restore and beautify even chipped, cracked, or thin teeth. Aduddell Dentsty’s traditional porcelain veneers can be used to improve as many teeth as you need, from one discolored or damaged tooth to help it blend in with the rest of your smile to all of your front teeth, top and bottom. Whatever you need, whatever you want, we will work closely with you to plan and create exactly the look you have been wishing for. You choose the shade, spacing, size, and length, and we’ll do the rest. Your smile – and your confidence – will thank you!

Minimal Prep Veneers

Minimal-prep veneers are almost exactly like our full-strength, traditional porcelain veneers for smile perfecting and natural appearance. The big difference is in the size. Minimal-prep veneers are super-thin (some people compare them to contact lenses for your teeth), which allows us to place them on your teeth with very little tooth-preparation. This makes them the ideal choice for younger patients, anyone not sure about committing to full veneers, or those who have minor cosmetic repairs to be made. Just like with our full veneers, this cosmetic dentistry option in Plano is created at our outstanding and trusted lab just for you. We will talk about your smile hopes, show you examples of what you can expect, design your ideal appearance with you, and make sure you understand what to expect and how to care for your new minimal-prep veneers. Once your gorgeous and life-like veneers are back from the lab, we gently prep your teeth, bond your minimal-prep restorations in place, and send you out to greet the world with a brand-new smile you can’t wait to show off.

Smile Design Full-Mouth Restorations

Have you worried that your smile is too damaged or compromised to ever look good again? Are you nervous about even talking to a dentist about cosmetic dentistry in Plano for fear that they will judge you on the current condition of your teeth? Do you wish there was a way you could achieve both health and beauty in your smile without completely blowing your budget? Well, now you can put all your fears and worries away and start making your wishes come true. Aduddell Dentistry offers full-mouth restorations with smile design. Our full-mouth restorations can help you find total health, comfort, and smile-strength in one, customized smile-perfecting treatment plan. Each plan covers all your needs, and can:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Treat gum disease
  • Fill cavities
  • Straighten your smile
  • Close gaps
  • Lengthen and strengthen worn or damaged teeth
  • Cover deep staining 

It’s the best way to revitalize your smile from the ground up! And don’t worry, we will never judge or question you about an unhealthy smile. We just celebrate your courage and the fact that you are on your way to a smile that supports both your health and your confidence.

Crown Lengthening

Do you have a tooth that is severely broken or worn down? Is there so little enamel showing that it seems impossible for a repair or restoration to be attached in any permanent way? Are you so tired of living with a short tooth that you are ready to just have it removed? Crown lengthening can save your tooth! 

During the crown lengthening procedure, we simply sculpt your gums, and sometimes a portion of your bone, so more tooth is available at the surface. Once the tooth is available, we can securely attach a crown, veneer, or other restoration. It generally takes under an hour to perform and we can usually do it right here in our office. 

Crown lengthening is sometimes also used by our Plano cosmetic dentists to remove excess gum tissue from a gummy smile and expose more of your beautiful enamel for its own sake. 

If you feel nervous about either procedure, make sure to talk to us about our sedation options. With the right numbing and soothing sedation, you’ll be able to nap through the entire procedure.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is one of your cosmetic dentists in Plano’s most versatile tools. Cosmetic bonding is perfect for teeth that aren’t ready for or don’t need porcelain veneers or crowns, and it is perfect for on-the-spot repairs or touch-ups. 

Cosmetic bonding can transform your smile by: 

  • Smoothing away irritating roughness
  • Harmonizing jagged or uneven teeth
  • Repairing minor chips and cracks
  • Reshaping malformed or damaged teeth when a crown is not necessary
  • Covering sensitive and unattractive root exposure
  • Disguising deep stains and discoloration
  • Filling cavities so naturally, no one will know you ever had one! 

One of the things our patients love the most about composite bonding is that it can be applied in one, easy and convenient visit. That’s right – one visit to have almost any smile-problem solved without impressions, waiting for a lab, or return visits. Instead, you and Dr. Aduddell will discuss your needs and decide how you want your smile to look. 

The process is easy for you – but it really does take some skill to make composite dental bonding look beautiful and natural. That’s because the bonding material is shaded, applied, sculpted, and polished directly on your tooth or teeth. Our patients have been consistently thrilled with the results. Why? Our Plano doctors are not only technically skilled and experienced, they’re artistic as well! 

Tooth Recontouring

Why do you hide your smile? Is it because your teeth are jagged along the edges? Do you have long canines? Or do you feel self-conscious about chips, cracks, and pits in your pearly whites? Whatever your reason for covering your mouth when you smile, your cosmetic dentist in Plano offers a fast, simple, budget-friendly procedure that can help you look and feel better fast! Tooth contouring is what it sounds like – the sculpting and contouring of your teeth to achieve harmony, balance, smoothness, and beauty. We can even use it to help balance your bite and relieve those miserable TMJ disorder symptoms. 

Tooth contouring can:

  • Smooth away chips that irritate cheeks and tongue
  • Reduce the length of prominent teeth
  • Bring harmony to an uneven smile
  • Refine irregularities and minor overlaps
  • Minimize the appearance of bumps or pits in teeth

The procedure can most often be completed in one visit and is so easy on your teeth that it usually doesn’t require an anesthetic. You’ll leave our office with a smile you can’t wait to share with the world!

Smile Whitening

Every morning you grab your cup of coffee and sip it as you get ready to leave the house. Who can live without it? We sure can’t. But did you know that that revitalizing cup of magic can really make an impression on your teeth? We’re talking about coffee staining and discoloration. But coffee isn’t the only thing that can leave its mark on your pearls, leaving them dull, yellow or gray, and looking as drab as can be. Almost everything you put in your mouth – eating, drinking, or smoking – can darken your smile. Wine, tea, soda, berries, beets… the list could go on and on. Your Plano cosmetic dentist has a great solution – smile whitening! Aduddell Dentistry offers professional, take-home whitening for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Combining our custom-made whitening trays with Venus White Pro whitening gel will let you whiten your teeth up to nine shades with virtually no discomfort or sensitivity. How? Venus White Pro contains potassium nitrate, a substance that protects your teeth and helps decrease sensitivity. What’s more, the gel is pleasantly mint flavored for freshness and flavor you can count on. Isn’t it time you treated your smile to a whiter, brighter future? Ask your Plano Cosmetic Dentists about smile whitening today!

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