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Restorative Dentistry in Plano

Your Optimal Smile Saver

Lots of folks in Plano need restorative dentistry. Still, we understand how concerning it can be to discover that something has gone wrong with your smile.  Fortunately, when you rely on Aduddell Dentistry, there’s nothing to be embarrassed or worried about. We work hard to make sure that when you come to us for an emergency or a repair, we:

  • Treat you with understanding and compassion
  • Help you relax and feel at ease
  • Talk to you so you understand exactly what is happening 
  • Explain all your options and the steps that may be needed to get your smile in shape
  • Get you back to smiling comfortably and confidently as soon as possible

Fix Your Smile & Let it Last

Call your restorative dentist in Plano at Aduddell Dentistry! Our office is designed to make the process of getting your smile back in shape understandable, convenient, comfortable, and comforting. 

Plus, we understand how nervewracking it can be to discover that your tooth is damaged enough to warrant a root canal, extraction, or other major dentistry, so we offer soothing services like blankets, pillows, entertainment, and dental sedation. 

And because we never look for a quick-fix or a temporary stop-gap, we use the best materials, the most modern techniques, and the most aesthetic approach to make sure your restorations are balanced, strong, and beautiful for a lifetime.

Restorative Dentistry for Your Smile and Your Health

There are so many reasons things can go wrong in your smile, and you need to seek restorative dentistry in Plano:

  • Accidents can lead to oral trauma and tooth damage
  • Illness, medications, and treatments can compromise your enamel
  • Diabetes can harm your gums and tooth-supporting jaw bone 
  • High blood sugar may cause dry mouth and make gum disease worse
  • Stress, TMJ disorder, medications, and sleep apnea have been linked to clenching and grinding, which can damage, wear, and break teeth
  • Habits such as chewing ice, nail-biting, tooth grinding, smoking, and using smokeless tobacco damage your enamel and can lead to broken teeth and gum disease
  •  Eating and drinking acidic or sugary foods can lead to tooth decay
  • Dental phobias or anxiety can cause missed cleanings and avoidance of the dentist until major problems develop

Clearly it isn’t only poor oral hygiene that negatively affects your oral health! Life isn’t easy on smiles. We get it. It’s why we simply refuse to judge or question you, no matter how damaged your smile may be. 

As far as your restorative dentist in Plano is concerned, what’s most important is that you find the courage to call us. Every member of the Aduddell Dentistry team will hold your hand through whatever help you need. This is so important because, not only does your physical health affect your oral health, your oral health affects your entire body as well. 


Caries…cavities… tooth decay…. whatever you call it, it’s never fun to find out that it’s happening in your mouth. The thing is, everyone, young, older, and in-between can be susceptible to tooth decay. So isn’t it nice to know that if your Plano restorative dentists find the early signs of caries, we can repair it so naturally and beautifully, no one will ever guess you had a cavity at all? Who wants to announce that you just got a dental filling with a big, dark blotch on your tooth? No one – so kids and adults alike really appreciate that our fillings are tooth-colored. Even more important than how they look, is the fact that our composite fillings do not contain any metal. That’s vital because, not only do metal fillings contain Mercury, they can also shift or expand in your teeth with temperature changes, leaving your teeth vulnerable to even more bacteria and decay. So go ahead and smile – our tooth-colored, composite dental fillings will make you glad you called your restorative dentists in Plano!

Porcelain Inlays/Porcelain Onlays

You lost a filling, chipped your molar, or found out you have a larger-than-normal cavity. What can you do if composite bonding just isn’t enough to fix your tooth but a crown is too much? Ask your Aduddell General Dentistry team in Plano about porcelain inlays and onlays. These beautifully reliable repairs are the perfect solution to fill advanced cavities, repair damage, and strengthen compromised teeth without the investment of a crown. 

Inlays cover and support your tooth inside the points or cusps, almost like a filling,  but instead of composite material, the repair is made with porcelain. 

Onlays cover more tooth surfaces, usually one or more cusps, for a super-strong and secure repair. 

Both of these restorations can fill a major cavity, repair broken teeth, or strengthen chipped and weak dentition. They look so natural, feel so good in your smile, and let you function so normally, you may forget which tooth was repaired!


Dental crowns are one of the best and most lifelike restorations we offer here at Aduddell Dentistry to help restore your tooth to its original shape and size. Plus they are absolutely beautiful! 

In fact, crowns are kind of like the porcelain veneers of restorative dentistry because of their beauty, strength, and versatility. 

Crowns can:

  • Create a new protective surface for broken, severely decayed, or otherwise compromised teeth
  • Hold a cracked tooth together and minimize further cracking
  • Balance your bite and beautify your smile when teeth are worn down
  • Seal and protect your tooth after a root canal
  • Act as a prosthetic replacement tooth on a dental implant
  • Hold a tooth-replacing bridge in place without looking unnatural

This last use is one of the most interesting ways we put crowns to use. 

When crowns are used in a bridge, they serve several functions. A bridge is essentially a series of connected crowns with some acting as anchors bonded to the teeth surrounding your gap, and some acting as replacement teeth to fill the gap. Once bonded in place, your crown will look and feel natural and allow you to eat without embarrassment or discomfort. 

Because our crowns are custom made just for you at our world-class lab, you can be sure your restoration will fit perfectly and look just right in your smile.

Partials & Dentures

Missing teeth can make life miserable: 

  • Food is harder to enjoy so some people suffer from poor nutrition
  • Your voice and speech can be affected leading to social embarrassment and withdrawal
  • Bone can begin to resorb bringing on an accelerated look of aging and TMJ discomfort
  • Gums are more prone to infection and periodontitis which is linked to major health issues including strokes, heart attacks, and cancer

Clearly, missing teeth is nothing to ignore or even try to live with. You shouldn’t have to! Aduddell’s restorative dentists in Plano always recommend dental implants to our patients. That’s because implants do more than replace teeth – they can give you your smile and your life back! 

Unfortunately, not everyone can have their missing teeth replaced with dental implants. That’s where our custom-designed full and partial dentures can save the day. We want our Plano friends and neighbors to enjoy tooth replacements they can be proud of and feel comfortable with. Every one of Aduddell Dentistry’s dentures, whether they are partial dentures to replace some of your teeth or full dentures to replace all of your teeth, is individually crafted. These offer a superior appearance, a better fit, and more natural chewing and speaking. If you are missing teeth, or are tired of your old dentures and have been told you don’t qualify for implants, call us. We would be more than happy to show you examples of our work, review your options, and help you find your smile again.


Endodontics? Sounds pretty fancy, doesn’t it? And it is! More commonly known as root canals, these procedures can be your tooth’s best friend. It is always surprising to your Aduddell Dentistry restorative dentists in Plano when people report how afraid or nervous they are about the idea of a root canal. Root canals are dental superheroes! 

Here’s the scoop: Endodontics is a special procedure that can clear away deep and damaging infection threatening your tooth, stop a toothache in its tracks, and save your tooth from extraction. And while the process might seem complex and intimidating, it is actually quite straightforward. We simply:

  • Open your tooth
  • Use advanced equipment to clear away all the infected and diseased pulp inside your tooth – all the way down into the root canals (hence the name)
  • Clean and disinfect the now cleared-out tooth
  • Fill every nook and cranny with a special sealant
  • Top your renewed tooth with a gorgeous porcelain crown

Oral Surgery

If we are your Plano restorative dentists, why do we perform oral surgeries like tooth extractions? That doesn’t sound restorative. Actually, removing and replacing a tooth for the right reasons can be very therapeutic:

  • Ending pain
  • Eliminating infection and abscess
  • Making room in the oral cavity and stopping crowding
  • Removing teeth that have grown in incorrectly 
  • Allowing a new tooth to be placed after trauma or severe damage

Whatever the reason, oral surgery and tooth extractions are recommended to safeguard your health and safety. And when you rely on Aduddell Dentistry to perform your dental surgery, you can relax knowing that:

  • We will always inform you of your options and educate you on what will be happening
  • Keep you comfortable through even the most advanced surgery with sedation dentistry
  • Pamper you with comforting pillows and blankets
  • Preserve your bone with bone augmentation or socket preservation
  • Offer you the most appropriate tooth-replacement option so you never have to go without a smile

So don’t be nervous. We’ll take good care of you no matter what is happening with your smile!


Who doesn’t love technology? It keeps us connected and informed, makes everyday chores easier and simpler, and opens up all kinds of possibilities and opportunities for a brighter future. This applies to restorative dentistry in Plano, as well as to all of Aduddell Dentistry’s dental care. We invest in advanced dental technology as a way to invest in you – your comfort, wellbeing, and, especially, your beautiful smile. 

Two of our most valuable tech-tools during the restorative dentistry process are digital photography and the iTero Digital Scanner. 

Digital Photography – When you are undergoing treatment, we know how important it is to see where you have been and visualize where you are going. That’s why we use digital photography to:

  • Record your condition
  • Educate and inform
  • Create a detailed treatment plan
  • Let you preview your smile with digital imaging
  • Show and record your progress
  • And give you a smile portrait after your treatments are completed! 

iTero Digital scanning – Our digital scanner lets us take pin-sharp impressions for restorations and orthodontics without:

  • Gooey impression material
  • Gagging
  • Inaccuracies

Plus we can store these impressions directly to our computers and share them instantly with our labs for seamless workflow and communication. No snail-mail involved. 

Why wouldn’t we invest in you this way? It improves your experience of restorative dentistry in Plano…and we think you are worth it.

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