Smile Whitening

Every morning you grab your cup of coffee and sip it as you get ready to leave the house. Who can live without it? We sure can’t. But did you know that that revitalizing cup of magic can really make an impression on your teeth? We’re talking about coffee staining and discoloration. But coffee isn’t the only thing that can leave its mark on your pearls, leaving them dull, yellow or gray, and looking as drab as can be. Almost everything you put in your mouth – eating, drinking, or smoking – can darken your smile. Wine, tea, soda, berries, beets… the list could go on and on. Your Plano cosmetic dentist has a great solution – smile whitening! Aduddell Dentistry offers professional, take-home whitening for the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Combining our custom-made whitening trays with Venus White Pro whitening gel will let you whiten your teeth up to nine shades with virtually no discomfort or sensitivity. How? Venus White Pro contains potassium nitrate, a substance that protects your teeth and helps decrease sensitivity. What’s more, the gel is pleasantly mint flavored for freshness and flavor you can count on. Isn’t it time you treated your smile to a whiter, brighter future? Ask your Plano Cosmetic Dentists about smile whitening today!

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