What does hygiene mean to you? Freshness? Health? A clean slate to build your smile on? We agree! Our patients love that Aduddell Dentistry, your general dentists in Plano, really knows how to do a dental cleaning right. Our hygienists are not only highly experienced and trained, but they are also warm, thoughtful, careful, thorough, and oh-so educational. You will learn things about your mouth and how to keep it in top shape that you never knew before. Both kids and adults alike enjoy these dental hygiene sessions because we use the gentle and effective ultra-sonic scaler to power away build-up with sound vibrations. Your smile will feel brand new. But cleanings aren’t just to help you freshen your breath and your smile. Professional dental hygiene protects your teeth, your gums, and, in fact, your whole body! Clearing away bacteria-filled plaque and tarter diminishes your chance of letting that bacteria wreak havoc through decay, infection, tooth loss, and systemic inflammation. If it has been a while since your last cleaning, call us today. We’d love to help you freshen your smile while you protect your well being!

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