Dental crowns are one of the best and most lifelike restorations we offer here at Aduddell Dentistry to help restore your tooth to its original shape and size. Plus they are absolutely beautiful! 

In fact, crowns are kind of like the porcelain veneers of restorative dentistry because of their beauty, strength, and versatility. 

Crowns can:

  • Create a new protective surface for broken, severely decayed, or otherwise compromised teeth
  • Hold a cracked tooth together and minimize further cracking
  • Balance your bite and beautify your smile when teeth are worn down
  • Seal and protect your tooth after a root canal
  • Act as a prosthetic replacement tooth on a dental implant
  • Hold a tooth-replacing bridge in place without looking unnatural

This last use is one of the most interesting ways we put crowns to use. 

When crowns are used in a bridge, they serve several functions. A bridge is essentially a series of connected crowns with some acting as anchors bonded to the teeth surrounding your gap, and some acting as replacement teeth to fill the gap. Once bonded in place, your crown will look and feel natural and allow you to eat without embarrassment or discomfort. 

Because our crowns are custom made just for you at our world-class lab, you can be sure your restoration will fit perfectly and look just right in your smile.

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