Partials & Dentures

Missing teeth can make life miserable: 

  • Food is harder to enjoy so some people suffer from poor nutrition
  • Your voice and speech can be affected leading to social embarrassment and withdrawal
  • Bone can begin to resorb bringing on an accelerated look of aging and TMJ discomfort
  • Gums are more prone to infection and periodontitis which is linked to major health issues including strokes, heart attacks, and cancer

Clearly, missing teeth is nothing to ignore or even try to live with. You shouldn’t have to! Aduddell’s restorative dentists in Plano always recommend dental implants to our patients. That’s because implants do more than replace teeth – they can give you your smile and your life back! 

Unfortunately, not everyone can have their missing teeth replaced with dental implants. That’s where our custom-designed full and partial dentures can save the day. We want our Plano friends and neighbors to enjoy tooth replacements they can be proud of and feel comfortable with. Every one of Aduddell Dentistry’s dentures, whether they are partial dentures to replace some of your teeth or full dentures to replace all of your teeth, is individually crafted. These offer a superior appearance, a better fit, and more natural chewing and speaking. If you are missing teeth, or are tired of your old dentures and have been told you don’t qualify for implants, call us. We would be more than happy to show you examples of our work, review your options, and help you find your smile again.

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