Caries…cavities… tooth decay…. whatever you call it, it’s never fun to find out that it’s happening in your mouth. The thing is, everyone, young, older, and in-between can be susceptible to tooth decay. So isn’t it nice to know that if your Plano restorative dentists find the early signs of caries, we can repair it so naturally and beautifully, no one will ever guess you had a cavity at all? Who wants to announce that you just got a dental filling with a big, dark blotch on your tooth? No one – so kids and adults alike really appreciate that our fillings are tooth-colored. Even more important than how they look, is the fact that our composite fillings do not contain any metal. That’s vital because, not only do metal fillings contain Mercury, they can also shift or expand in your teeth with temperature changes, leaving your teeth vulnerable to even more bacteria and decay. So go ahead and smile – our tooth-colored, composite dental fillings will make you glad you called your restorative dentists in Plano!

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